Why Macbook Air is a best Device for 2015!

While they all are good, some are made for you.

Why there are so many choices? Simple answer to this questions is that everyone is unique. But this discussion is for those who needs a laptop or tablet for daily use. Like to read this blog, write your own blog, do some math problems, finish assignments, watch Netflix, follow social media and more…

I am assuming that now a days everyone has a smart phone which is bigger then his/her palm.

All the status updates and chat or snapchat is OK with your phone. And believe me you will not need anything more for your social life. Smartphones are best for to be connected. After all they are smart and more they are phones.

Why now a days everyone wants to replace a laptop ? Because laptop has some great features. My firm belief is that a best laptop can only replace a better laptop. Microsoft and Apple both are trying very hard to replace laptops, and on the same time they are introducing one laptop each year. That’s seems a little confusing to me.

If someone argues that a tablet with stand or some external keyboard can replace your laptop, then answer is Yes Kind Of! You know what can replace a laptop, a lighter, thinner and sturdy laptop. And all these things comes in Macbook Air naturally.

You can open Macbook Air with one finger without moving the whole laptop!

It has best keyboard attached with it for free and it is back lit!

It is so thin that you can have fear that it is not in your backpack. At least I had few times.

It switches on and off just like your phone, within seconds.

It is made of full metal with 2 usb ports which you really need some times.

And whole day battery!

That is all a common person needs for daily work, a college student for next 3-4 years. And total cost is under $1000.

Or may be cheap HERE! on amazon.